1st day Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!

Walked early with threats of rain, turned out it was just that…no rain. It was cloudy all morning and I headed across the bay to a small town before climbing high into the hills of Galicia.

Way marker. Watch for these!!!
Crossing the bay, leaving Ferrol.

Walked into a café that was noted for being friendly to pilgrims. I think the woman who was friendly was sick today, because the girl that helped me was very grumpy. Oh well, a pilgrim is not to complain. But I can make some good suggestions…

…don’t know what this is about. Maybe when you retire you hang it up?!

Came across a shop that sold pastries and took a picture of the window. Can you find me in the window I’m in there somewhere. Forget finding Waldo: find me.

Where’s Reb?

Up a very steep hill and the rain never came. The sun broke out and it was very very hot. I nearly got lost and here is the story of the title of this entry.

I came to the top of the hill where there was four corners and no apparent sign of which way to go. Instead of plunging on like I used to, I simply sat down, took a drink my water and had a half a sandwich. Eventually two old guys came wobbling along with their poles and shells on their packs. I stood up and followed them and we found the way markers. I thought of the scripture “stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.“

Beautiful gardens along the way with birds singing and fresh fruit on the trees. This walk is in memory of my father. I almost felt guilty for enjoying myself, but then realized that he is the one who taught me how to find joy in discovering new paths in this world. So really, this walk is a lot like my father. Full of optimism and adventure.

Papa says, “Love Life!”
If Pam and I owned a house, it would look like this. Beautiful gardens (not shown).
My friend Irving enjoying his drink.

Another long walk tomorrow. Good night!

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