Getting Lost On Purpose

I set out this morning to mail my roller to Santiago. Found a cafe and had a croissant and coffee con leche, set my phone to the address of tourist office to buy my Camino credential.

Sometimes, one should plan to aimlessly wander about. Take moment to look around and listen. It’s just good for the soul.

I wandered around trying to find the tourist info center (ended up they didn’t sell credentials : I must go to the church). Ah well, all is not lost! Look what I found!

A Coruna’s 1st Camino marker

I then headed back to the Hotel, checked my pack to pick up later, and being the adventurous soul that I am, rented a bike and took off for a very long bike ride…along the longest promenade in Europe (or so they say).

What I WANTED, but did not eat. Sigh.

Beautiful weather for exploring: 73 degrees with a sea breeze. I’ll sleep well tonight! Tomorrow I start the Camino Ingliss. But tonight: the Parador hotel! Pampered Pandemic Pilgrim.

Great architecture
Keeper of the pets
Good bye A Coruna! I’ll be back!

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6 Responses to Getting Lost On Purpose

  1. Carol L Greeley says:

    Sounds good. Beautiful photos. Keep well and safe. Prayers for peace and safety and love.

  2. Caron Keyser says:

    Great pictures sister. Good job!

  3. pammy3115 says:

    MAGNIFICENT PHOTOS! Feels like I am there by your side, enjoying all the lovliness!

  4. pammy3115 says:

    YOU are soo fortunate to have some gorgeous weather!! What is the season there?

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