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Neverlost4good on the Camino De Santiago

Dear Reader:

I walked the Camino April 20th- May 30th, 2015. It is said that the Camino is done in stages: the first is like birth: going over the Pyrenees mountains and pushing against the wind and weather that holds you back. The second like childhood (Pamplona to Burgos). You are confused and still dependent on others, but learning to walk. The Meseta; a coming-of-age, and lastly, walking in wisdom and joy through Galicia onward to Santiago de Compostela. But let me add the final stage: the wisdom of hindsight, and if you are not careful, a growing desire to return and to walk with less focus on the miles and more on what the path will give you, day by day.

My walk was more like high school: arriving in Madrid, disoriented and confused, climbing the Pyrenees the following day through jet lag and wonder, feeling awkward and out of place with my fellow pilgrims, trying to look cool: a freshman. By Pamplona, I knew what I needed: a bed with communal meals. I could follow the arrows and watched for others to guide me. Still new, but growing in confidence: a sophomore. Burgos to Leon, alone again: but rushing to meet deadlines and checking off miles like a marathon runner. Was I on target? Will I make it? Who cares! Press on! A junior. And the last section, after Cruz de Ferro, I began to slow my pace; savoring the scenery and the characters I met in the albergues. I had tossed out half of my pack weight and walked lightly, seeing my departure rush at me as I was pulled with great urgency toward Santiago: a senior.

I hope in this blog, you will sense this transformation. At first, I’m just taking pictures, and reaching pre-planned destinations, but gradually, the Camino begins to show me how “the best laid plans” are often lost and I can only control my response and reaction to that change. I am working on an audible book that should be finished by March, 2015. It will be called Neverlost4good on the Camino. I decided to market the audible book first, and then work on formatting my ebook. It’s a backwards method, but I’ve never taken the common path in life. Thank you reader, for taking interest in my writing, and may I wish you a “Buen Camino” as you find your way to Spain. –Rebecca: neverlost4good.

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Stages of the Camino - The awakening The research The decision Prep The wait The walk I will be writing on each stage.  Thank you for being patient while I figure out how to configure my blog!  🙂
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Stage 4: The Prep - Stage 4: The Prep.
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It is what it is… - In true pilgrim fashion, I set out from my door for my first “official” pilgrimage act: to receive the pilgrim’s blessing from my church. I barely got there in time! It was a 3 mile walk from my front door … Continue reading
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The plane! -   One hour. I felt like I climbed up on the high dive at the pool and I have to jump! Tomorrow: Espana! 
Heavenly Bells - I spent a lovely night at Corozon Puro pension on the border of France. The field next to the house has horses with cow bells tied to their necks, so as they graze, you can hear the most pleasant sound! … Continue reading
More later - i made it over the Pyranees. I’m in Roncevalles.
Yikes–smikes that was tough! - Morning at Orisson to Roncevalles           4 am wind sounded like  it was going to lift the lodge and blow it off the the mountain. I couldn’t go back to sleep and considered my choices. Do I go on? The climb … Continue reading
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Pamplona tomorrow: Zalbaldika tonight -             Only 12 Km?! Oh goodness…the most beautiful walk through forest, fields, and beside a river. My feet tell me that I should rest here in Zabaldika at the San Esteban refuge….and I will only go as far as my … Continue reading
My good friend Anna - I first saw her three days ago. I had just descended the mountain before her. She was struggling up the hill to The Albergue, near tears, and slumped down hard: her pack hitting the wall behind her. She looked at … Continue reading
Passed by Pamplona - i walked 5 miles into Pamplona and it was SO busy! Because it was Saturday, all families were filling the streets. I decided to hike onward 2 miles to Cizur Menor to stay at Marinal Roncal Albergue. I’m in a … Continue reading
Part two- Cizur Menor -         was asked to feed the turtles, which was extremely fun! señora Roncal told me to bring her my boots. She then showed me how I need to take out the liner every night and stuff the boot with … Continue reading
C.M. To puente la Reina -   Up and up through green fields of barley to the Alto de pardon.     Before you think me strong: I bused my pack ahead because of the mountain. Even so: I have a small blister on my right big … Continue reading
Week 2 - I have been walking five days now. Today the weather is cloudy and looks like it might turn worse, so the raingear will be ready.  I meet with small groups of people and they come and go.  Another person has … Continue reading
Estella - beautiful walk today, but will you all forgive me if I take the night off? Here are some pictures.           
Post dinner report - i thought I would try to list the path today, and now that I’ve had my food, I can think. Climbed 5 km out of Puente la Reina to get my first cafe con Leche. Nothing was opened. Only one … Continue reading
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Villa Mayor de Majordin to Torres deal Rio - what a beautiful, beautiful day. More rolling hills of grain and vineyards.   It was a long day, but my Guardian angels from England encouraged me:    I saw beautiful purple bushes      I have reached my destination and tomorrow will … Continue reading
Torres del Rio to Longrono - Today I started earlier and was able to see the sunrise by turning around.      I had 15 miles to cover. It was very beautiful, but steep up and down.  The wild flowers  are so beautiful.  I sang and … Continue reading
Longrono to Ventosa  - I now know where ancient chants have their birth: in a quiet pine grove leaving Longrono, along a lake, I heard the soft “who” of the Owls in the trees. One would called out a series of “whoo who who” … Continue reading
Azofra - I will have to bus ahead soon because I have a deadline to make. My feet have informed me that over 12 miles they will not do.  So the “suggested legs” in the book will not work. I started walking … Continue reading
Oh wow! - I see that this didn’t post. So it may be out of sequence. This was when I first landed in Spain. it is a good thing indeed that I had a 3 hour layover in Madrid! Customs took forever, my … Continue reading
Pictures that didn’t post -   This is me walking along….                             
Resting in Santa Domingo - One  of the amazing things about the Camino is the way it begins to make its own way in every person’s journey. You can plan, dream, decide, but soon the Camino begins to write itself and lay out its own … Continue reading
Today’s challenge - So far, I have been fortunate to travel with those who speak Spanish. Today, I take the bus to Burgos without the help of fellow pilgrims. The schedule in the Albergue says that there is a bus at 9:15 am. … Continue reading
Facing fear - I can’t think quickly, so I plan several options constantly to quiet the frozen feeling of situations that are complicated. It is called a coping mechanism and it works for me. I don’t really like being alone, but life has … Continue reading
Hornillos to Castrojeriz (or…where in the heck am I?!) - When I wanted to walk the Camino, I wanted to see two things in particular: the Pyrenees mountains and the Meseta in green.   I am settled into my Albergue and my blister has toughened up a little. Tomorrow I … Continue reading
He has filled my heart with song. - I have stopped for breakfast, and the Internet is GREAT here, so I am downloading this mornings pictures. God has filled my heart with songs, I used to write songs and thought that they were spent, God has been my … Continue reading
Lay down the burdens of your heart - Amy Grant wrote a great song with this theme and I sang it several times today. Somewhere along the way, I heard someone say that those you have trouble with on this path are really showing you who YOU are. … Continue reading
Full moon on the Meseta - A month ago, shivering in the snow, waiting for my dogs to do their “business,” I looked up and watched the full moon over Staunton. I remember thinking, “my next full moon will be in Spain!” I barely saw it … Continue reading
Quick check in - I did the math, and to walk without anxiety, I needed to get to Leon. So, this morning went like this: The nuns booted us bleary-eyed pilgrims out the door at 7:58 am. Doors slam shut and there we stood, … Continue reading
Long pull out of Leon! - What a long walk through dingy neighborhoods, past garbage cans over-flowing, not to mention UP hill. It wasn’t on my top ten of mornings.  I’m always forgetting something, and today it was sun screen. I had a long sleeve shirt … Continue reading
Villares de Orbigo - setting out to beat the sun  the sun wins! It is 80 degrees by noon. I see storks nests  irrigation canals      And a bridge dating from 1400’s defended by dueling Knights    to think that the Knights of medieval … Continue reading
Orbigo to Astorga -    I said goodbye to the loveliest place on the Camino. We had a wonderful dinner made by Christine (4 courses ). I was amazed at a group of 4 that refused to eat her meal. I won’t mention the … Continue reading
Rabanal - Tomorrow,  I will arrive at Cruz de Ferro, the cross where pilgrims lay down  a rock or something that symbolizes laying your burden at the cross. I have a piece of sea glass from Hydaburg, Alaska, where I felt the … Continue reading
Losing everything - Here is a shot of the garden area where we had tea yesterday.     Last night we had a wonderful service in a little chapel built in 1100 (I’m guessing) and they had a pilgrim blessing with the priest … Continue reading
Ponferrada - How about a “lighter” report? Okay! I had a great rest last night. We had a communal meal: it was lentil soup. I was like, “yeah, what else!” But that was it. It was good and I was grateful. After … Continue reading
Forget Italy - It’s what you want to hear in the morning while walking through vineyards: a man singing in Spanish at the top of his lungs while working in his field. Forget Italy: I want to live here.       I walked … Continue reading
The valley - Have you ever had a moment where you knew that everything was a gift from God? that’s how I feel today. I’ve been moving through the Camino in a river of people. It’s almost like traveling on the freeway through … Continue reading
Pictures from yearerday - pics that didn’t load      “I’m not a witch, I’m your wife!” Princess Bride movie quote. I see this image everywhere now. There’s got to be a story behind it.  lost hippy van      dinner last night. 
Ruitelan to Fonfria - thank the Lord it was a cool morning! It was a beautiful climb up to the highest point on the Camino: O’Cebreiro. I made good time, and it was absolutely beautiful. My pictures will not do it justice–  I did … Continue reading
Fonfria to Samos - The descent off the mountains was not as bad as I had imagined. It was so beautiful and perfect trekking weather for me: cloudy, damp, and breezy. I made good time. Yesterday, I saw the Albergue check in had postal … Continue reading
Oops! 28 km. - Samos had the most beautiful alter. Instead of Christ on a cross, they had this—   it was about 50 feet tall, and your head had to tilt to the heavens to look at it. Lovely. Vespers was sort of disappointing. … Continue reading
Past Portamarin - if I make mistakes in my writing, please note that I’m writing on my tiny phone.  Now that I’ve taken care of that:   I had the most wonderful stay at my last stop. It had glorious windows that framed the … Continue reading
Photos from Gonzar to Casanova -   Great beer tap      Our son Jaime’s name and proper spelling is everywhere.   my home for the night      Washing machine and with a shower and laundry blowing in the breeze, a rest for my feet—   
Friday before Santiago -    I am now at about 60 km. I walked 25 km today. At this pace, I should arrive Monday afternoon! I will bus to the ocean Tuesday.  It was a long walk today. My Albergue would not serve breakfast … Continue reading
Good job me! - This last section of the Camino is NOT well marked. After 3 km I came to a fork and no markings. I took what looked right and after 1/2 hour I knew it was not. What to do…what to do. … Continue reading
Wish come true - While walking today, I decided to get my own room. There were several towns that had little hotels or pensions and I decided to treat myself. My feet “quit” at 20 km today and so I spotted this nice Albergue … Continue reading
Check in - Oddly enough, I prefer the snoring, rustling, strange smells of fellow pilgrims to a night in a deserted building! I couldn’t sleep until after midnight. Onward towards St. James!
Abundance - After my nightmare of alburgues–and I can say this now because it is daylight, and I’m miles away….think “Shining” and you know the feeling that I had all alone in a building. Okay? THAT was scary. You know how something … Continue reading
Santiago de Compostella - With roosters crowing, I was up at 6 am. Usually, I creep around in the dark and take my things outside, but with my own room: the lights are on! I carefully attended to my feet: foot cream, Vaseline, big … Continue reading
“it ain’t over ’til it’s over…”     -Moonstruck - I needed to walk through twisty streets to the bus station to get to the ocean. Yesterday, the tourist office (?) Had given me a map and a little paper telling me the schedule of the bus to Muxia. The … Continue reading
Bonus blessing…. - If you ever find yourself in the tiny town of Muxia, Spain, be sure to eat at a de lolo restaurant.  It’s a nice boutique hotel as well, but I think I stumbled upon a great thing here. I just … Continue reading
Taking care of business… - After dinner last night, I was asking to pay for my room as I would be leaving at 6:30 am. The waiter told me what door to exit from and then said my breakfast would be wrapped and waiting on … Continue reading
Last day in Santiago -   Beginning stamps and destination   give a euro and he poses!    English mass alter  I attended my final pilgrim’s mass and saw the censor swing again (lucky me)!     
1st Camino 2015 - Neverlost4good on the Camino De Santiago Dear Reader: I walked the Camino April 20th- May 30th, 2015. It is said that the Camino is done in stages: the first is like birth: going over the Pyrenees mountains and pushing against … Continue reading
Promise kept. - Now on Amazon: I promised that I would complete my book by March and here it is with one day to spare!  The eBook is priced low, and I imagine the audio will be as well.  It is just over … Continue reading
A walk for Lorna Rae - A walk to remember my mother: Lorna Rae Continue reading
Count down - In less than 3 weeks, I will be in Spain. I am going to post my packing here. For the head and shoulders:  I have 3 hats (I know: it’s a luxury). My faithful bill hat, a fleece beanie to … Continue reading
Two days of travel! - After a long flight over the Atlantic, I watched the sun break over Spain from the air Picking up my luggage, I passed through customs without incident. I wandered around and found the shuttle that takes you from T-1 to … Continue reading
Santo Domingo de la Calzada Day 1 - Today I took time to take care of business. After a fitful night of sleep, I woke at 9 AM. I went down to breakfast and the kind waitress asked, “Cafe con leche?” After I said yes she disappeared and … Continue reading
Day 2 – STO. Domingo to Villambistia - Good bye STO. Domingo! I didn’t sleep again, but was ready to hoist the pack and meander up the path. It started misting rain, so I frantically pulled out my rain gear and pack cover. No one else was wearing … Continue reading
Day 2 April 26 - Yesterday’s laundry did not dry. So into a ziplock it went. When I left my Albergue this morning, it was threatening to rain. I took my raincoat out but my host said “no no it will not rain. Do not … Continue reading
April 28 – day 4 Burgos! - It was a foggy start today. I imagine the countryside was pretty, but it was quiet and scary! Muffled steps and pilgrims appearing out of nowhere. I passed through Atapuerca alone-or was I? Now I’m approaching Burgos, my favorite city. … Continue reading
Day 5. April 29 - Cold storm tomorrow with snow?! Holy moly. I had a “day off” by walking 6 miles into Tardajos and found the cutest Casa Rural (La Fabrica). An old stone grain mill converted into a small inn. Taking it easy and … Continue reading
Day 6 April 30 - I had a tough day. I woke up with vertigo. I was able to walk with poles over the mountain. This is a section that I missed last time. When I first got to a town called Rabe de la … Continue reading
May 1st - I hope the dates aren’t out of order: the WiFi isn’t strong out here in the country. The countryside was beautiful, but the wind and low temps made for fast walking to keep warm. Today I made the decision to … Continue reading
May 2nd - Apparently, my photos are not loading up quickly. This is sad because they are very beautiful. Maybe when I get home I will post just pictures in an album. Today I walked over a very steep hill and was able … Continue reading