The Lord Will Provide

Wow. Last night was a “trial.” At 8 pm (dinner for the Spaniard), the noise level rose to deafening levels! Even with my windows tightly closed, I had to put in earplugs.

My hostel (tiny hotel), was just off a popular street, and the owner opened up her reception area to host a raucous crowd for drinks. Oh boy.

Today was a tough 10 miles of undulating mountain climbing. My hometown has hills, and I trained on them, but my oh my, the climb today!! The Camino Ingliss is short-but NOT easy.

The climb out of town! Little did I know what hills were ahead!

There were several honesty boxes set up along the way today with bananas, water and soda. They all had fresh apples or pears as the trees were overloaded with fruit.

Old Roman bridge.
Ever get the feeling that someone is watching you?

Yesterday, I arrived at 2pm, took a shower and laid down (mistake). I slept until 4pm and every place was shut down: no food until dinner hour (9pm). I had to walk to the grocery store and ate yogurt and a banana for dinner.

Today I was obsessed with worry about eating tonight. I stopped myself and prayed that the Lord would provide for me. I didn’t want to worry about where I was going to get my meals for the day. Along the way today there were at least 3 to 4 people that placed food for pilgrims to eat. I had apples and pears that people boxed and set out. It was a very hard day and just when I had given up hope thinking that maybe my strength wasn’t going to make it, I would come across an honesty box that not only had fruit and drinks in it, but pastries as well. That cake was delicious.

Free food!

There was a great cafe for pilgrims to stop and rest…

Irving takes a break from the pack.

There were hills and more hills. I grew weary today (could have been the lack of sleep last night). Finally reached Bentanzos, and my lovely hotel, which held a very popular restaurant that I made use of!

After dinner, I washed my clothes in the sink and hung them to dry off my patio. Did I mention the little patio off my room? Ah, life is good. Tomorrow is a REAL treat: you’ll see!

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