Day 5. April 29

Cold storm tomorrow with snow?! Holy moly. I had a “day off” by walking 6 miles into Tardajos and found the cutest Casa Rural (La Fabrica). An old stone grain mill converted into a small inn.

Taking it easy and mapping out the Meseta. I have 5 days to get to Sahagun, where I take a train WAY across 1/2 of the flat Meseta to the hills and town of Astorga.

We will see how that goes! On May 1st I have 30 km to cover. I’ll walk 18 and taxi into Boadilla. Unless I feel incredibly strong that day 🙄.

I broke down and bought a small suitcase (don’t hate me). I pack everything in this except extra socks, rain gear, water and snacks. My pack carries this and I skip along like Little Red Riding Hood.

It’s so cold! Heavy clouds have packed in with rain and blowing wind. Luckily it was after I was safely in my room. Tomorrow there is snow predicted.

I met up with Jim & Jane, my buddies, who were staying at the Marriott as well last night (hey–they have them here!). We walked together this morning.

It was fun seeing the gate from the movie “The Way.” Photo op!

Under the freeway was a nice piece of art encouraging Camino brotherhood.

So, I’m tucked into an old stone inn for the night. Getting ready to walk nearly 12 miles into the Meseta.

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  1. cathyjo44 says:

    I enjoy reading your Daily Updates and also staying in touch by Messenger. 🤗

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