Day 6 April 30

I had a tough day. I woke up with vertigo. I was able to walk with poles over the mountain. This is a section that I missed last time.

When I first got to a town called Rabe de la Calzadas, I saw a tiny chapel which was open. I decided to run through my prayers there. I was halfway through the list when feelings for Momma flooded over me. I began to cry for quite a while. When I was finished with my prayers, a nun approached me and asking if I spoke English, began to pray blessing over me. She knew I was in distress and obviously wanted to comfort me. She also gave me a medal to wear of mother Mary saying that my mother was always with me. How appropriate.

As I walked up the steep hill with hiking poles, my vertigo was worse.

There is no road on this trail, and a pilgrim must make the 6 mile walk to the next village. I carefully walked between my polls and prayed. The weather is barely 33° and the wind was blowing strong. I had lost my gloves somewhere, so my hands were freezing. I pulled my extra pair of socks out of my pack and put them on. I wore a buff over my face to cut down on the wind chill. It was a very cold walk.

By the time I reached the village of Hornillos, I was tired dizzy and hungry. I found a very nice place, run by cool hippies, who seemed very intent on helping me. It was there I decided to take a taxi with another pilgrim To the next village.

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2 Responses to Day 6 April 30

  1. Pamela H Moore says:

    Is there anywhere you could get some Dramamine for your vertigo? That walk sounded miserable with the cold, your hands and the vertigo. YOU are my HERO for making it that far!

  2. Constance Harrington says:

    I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with vertigo on this trip. I have struggled with this a good bit – but found a very helpful video on a maneuver that you can perform by yourself that may help. You’d need to have an internet connection to view it, but it’s only about 3-4 minutes long.

    Take each part of the maneuver slowly. If you can have a friend beside you, it might make you feel more secure, because moving your head around may bring on the vertigo symptoms again. Once you’ve done it, I found it helpful to spend a good while sitting straight up and not leaning my head over. Just giving it time to settle.

    I’ll be praying for you, dear friend. And sending lots of love!

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