April 28 – day 4 Burgos!

It was a foggy start today. I imagine the countryside was pretty, but it was quiet and scary! Muffled steps and pilgrims appearing out of nowhere.

I passed through Atapuerca alone-or was I?

Now I’m approaching Burgos, my favorite city. I wished I had eaten breakfast! I thought I would in the next village, but nothing was open for an hour or more. The path went an hour UP and down over this:

Guess who has a blister? With the uneven ground, my feet were rubbing. I finally was over THAT, and found a cafe (bar in Spain).

went through the outskirts of Burgos and was pictured on the wall of a village:

Finally! The river path to Burgos!

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1 Response to April 28 – day 4 Burgos!

  1. Juliette says:

    Its fun to see all the photos Rebecca – especially when you are smiling!

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