Camino 2023: Portuguese Coastal route

On Monday, April 10th, 5 of us will take off from Richmond, Virginia to travel to Portugal. I found some money in a desk drawer, just about enough for my first Cafe Con Leche and a Croissant. Our priest is heading off on his own the day after arrival, and four of us ladies are catching a train to the sweet coastal town of Viana do Castelo, Portugal. We will stay in a lovely mountain top albergue and then head down a trail to the ocean and head north. I plan on 13 days of walking to Santiago de Compostella, 2 days in Segovia, and one day in Madrid before flying home. My bags are packed!

Stay tuned!

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1 Response to Camino 2023: Portuguese Coastal route

  1. Carol Greeley says:

    Hi Becky, I wish you the best. Sounds like quite an adventure and must be rewarding that you continue on other trips. Love to you! Carol

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