Ode to 2022

A year of pleasant wandering
On Scotland's bonny shore,
And then, not having quite enough
I sought to wander more.
 I walked a week, Camino's path,
I slept with pilgrims on the plain
And then I walked a mountain pass
In Galicia, northern Spain.
 I found a friend that I had lost
Forgiveness, healing heart
One "for the books" this year has been,
A new and solid start.
And so, I raise a glass to you
And may the New Year bring--
Adventure, hope and maybe health
So that your heart may sing.

About neverlost4good

Free-lance writer. I am able to work with chaos and organize it into function.
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2 Responses to Ode to 2022

  1. Carol Greeley says:

    What a wonderful series of photos and the poem is so sweet. Tears and love.

  2. Janeth B. Coleman says:

    Wow, what a year you’ve had! Thanks for the Ode and the wish. I’m
    sending you a wonderful thought for the day  and opportunity to sign up
    if you want.
    I heard Frederick Buechner at a conference one time and love his
    writing. He’s so thought provoking and inspiring1
    Merry Christmas,

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