Some days are like diamonds

What should one do if they have an extra day in Oviedo, and they’ve seen the cathedral? Why, hop on a narrow gauge little train for Gijon (he-hon), and walk in the sea.

So excited

I did research (you know me!) and saw that the train station was nearly to the beach, and the aquarium was there as well. For 10€, I got a ticket to ride, and will spend the day in sunshine and water!

Before I forget: I want to share a moment a few days back: I was walking through a field of milk cows, when I noticed a particularly big “cow.” It was a bull. Very big…and I carefully avoided eye contact, moved on slowly, without stopping, as I realized I had a bright red backpack cover over my pack!! Toro! Toro! Safely through a cattle gate, I breathed a sigh. He probably thought it was just too easy.

Back to the present: I walked a nice bike/jogging path to the beach. It is Saturday, and families were out enjoying the weekend. No rush today, just watching the boats and feeling groovy!

Path from train station to waterfront.
Gijon, Spain
Came upon a wedding
Should I buy it? It’s a good house (or so the sign says).
Full day!

You know the feeling you have when you go to the beach and play real hard? That happy tired feeling of sensory overload? I smiled the entire train ride back to Oviedo.

Tomorrow: MADRID!

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