It ain’t over till it’s over

Be brave. Life has dealt me a couple of hard kicks: my mother died, my closest friend hates me (misunderstanding). I did what anyone would do when gut-punched: I curled into a ball and doubted myself. But I’m tired of self-pity. I miss my mom and my sweet friend, but I’ve got to get up and walk on.

Neverlost4good is more than my trail name. It’s who I am. I do head recklessly down, blundering through life, but I always dust myself off and stand up. Mom lives within me, as for my lost relationship: God, I miss her, but it’s okay.

Life lesson: you can’t control the momentum of life. You can only adapt. Cliche. I am one who watches and writes, and I’m back, baby.

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1 Response to It ain’t over till it’s over

  1. pammy3115 says:

    I have a choo choo train that passes nearby several times day and night! Each time it blows it’s horn. When I opened your message at 10:15 this morning, the train passed by and seemed to talk to me, with several blows of his horn, so I knew this was a special moment…..when I was able to connect with YOU!!! I am hoping you have trekked and walked your worries away, that the path was smooth most the way, and that you were able to clear your heart and your head of your concerns. Will your heart be lightened upon your return? If so, congrats! If not, CALL ME! YOU MAKE MY HEART HAPPY! LOVE YOU!!

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