Journey’s End

The cloisters of Oviedo.

First—a couple of pics from rainy Thursday into Mieres.

A break in the deluge for pictures
The path followed this river for six miles
Prison cell dorm room. 20€

Got into Oviedo in time to tour the beautiful cathedral. Most of it was off limits to photos, so I bought a book (probably why they did it). It was very satisfying to get by Compostela for this trail and to be congratulated by the cathedral workers.

Oviedo is a beautiful city. I had lunch for €12 a big salad a bowl of spaghetti and a glass of Rioja wine.

Comfort food

My hotel is just around the corner from the bus station and across the street from the train station. Tomorrow I may take the train to the coast and back, just for fun. My room was only €45 a night: it has a huge bathtub, which I used for my laundry, which is hanging up in my window right now. It’s perfectly reasonable, in fact admired, to hang one’s laundry from their window.

Pilgrim statue

Nap time!

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