Ups and downs

Long undulating mountain trail. Steep descents with rugged climbs out of valleys. Because of the rain the day before, the trail was slippery and muddy. I fell twice, luckily no injuries. But it was a slow day because I was very careful to plant my poles before proceeding.

Tuesday mileage

I did spot a lovely little fence, way high in the mountains, leading to a little meadow. It deserved a haiku.

A little blue gate

Beautiful blue gate-high upon a mountain trail-the sun has found you.

Down deep to climb again!
Ancient tree
Wondering while wandering: where is the end?!! 6 hours of mountain trail.

Journey’s end.
View from my bed in the albergue.

Wednesday: 9/28

Had to walk 1/2 mile straight up and 2 miles down to rejoin trail. The albergue was off the trail a bit…

Extreme climb
Encouraging pig along the way…
Who ordered the wine?
Breakfast in the next town: 3 miles in.

Two towns within 6 miles, and I reached my destination early. Walked today in a valley for the most part: easy. I bought and ate lunch at a supermarket, secured my hotel room, showered and did laundry in the sink. Hope it dries by morning!!

Tomorrow will be a little climb in sections as I make my way north. 18 km.

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Free-lance writer. I am able to work with chaos and organize it into function.
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