I’m a little foggy…

The day started out partly cloudy. The climb up to the cross of San Salvador was tough, but expected. I said a prayer and let go of stubborn thoughts of the past. Sometimes you don’t have to understand everything.

The cross

It turns out, that climb was the easiest. Holy moly. The clouds set in and soon you couldn’t see 20 ft. in front of you. Suddenly, a cow! she would move, so I sang the German wanderer song. You know: “Mein Vater var ein vanderman und es stait auch in blut….” She ran off, not liking my yodeling.


Then it began to rain. The climb is hard enough, but no views?! No fair! Waa waa waa! Even I got tired of my whining. (Did someone mention wine?). I did visit a beautiful church.

I lit some candles and said my prayers. Then I put on my full rain gear and set off down the now mudslide of a mountain!

For Mama and Papa

I wasn’t able to pull out my phone for photos as it was pouring down rain! 2 more hours of walking. I did get a little lost as some of the markers have faded. So troublesome to retrace steps, searching for trail markers.

Down, down into the valley. Dodging the biggest cow pies I have EVER seen and so many! It seemed like they all stopped in one place and said, “this is a good spot!”

I climbed up a huge hill to the village I am presently. Washed all my clothes and draped them over the radiators. There are three other people here. A young couple from Duetschland, bicycling through and a older Spanish gentleman. Im bunking in the dorm with the couple as I KNOW the older guy will snore!

Dinner is a walk up to a pension at 7pm. I hope my clothes dry by morning! Here is the view from the albergue window.

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Free-lance writer. I am able to work with chaos and organize it into function.
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2 Responses to I’m a little foggy…

  1. ginny hoffman says:

    Holy Cow! Perplexing piles of cowpies! It’s always somethin’ as RoseAnne Rosannadanna says….. ________________________________

  2. Jan Coleman says:

    Wow, this continues to amaze me…I would feel so lost on those mountain trails, but that’s the point isn’t it…to always know you’re not alone. Thank you for sharing this incredible journey. Jan

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