Training for the train

My shoes feel great: the blisters are benefiting from rest as well. I had to cut most of the miles out today, so I sought a bus for half way. No bus on Saturday, only a train. The train’s 1st stop was La Robla, cutting 14 km from my day.

San Salvador Camino marker

It was a chilly day, with the wind blowing. The sun was shining, however, so it made for a good day of walking. Walked along side a river most of the day. In the distance I could see the mountains looming above the towns. Tomorrow I will climb them.

Mushroom and bacon potato tortilla with cafe con leche.

I want to buy a salad and something for breakfast in the morning. I’ll have to think about lunch as well. I will be walking nearly 9 miles up into the mountains with no support. I’m very happy.

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1 Response to Training for the train

  1. Pamela Moore says:

    I can see why you are sooo happy in that gorgeous country with the lovely food and drink. Did you change shoes or are the old ones now working for you? I cannot imagine walking anywhere while experiencing blisters on thine tender feet!!! What do you mean by “NO support”? Is there no one walking your way with you or near you? That thought kinda makes my heart skip a beat, but YOU ARE THE BRAVE ONE! My hopes and prayers are with you all the way!! BEEE SAFE!!

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