In the moment

Lunch on the plaza

I mailed more than half my pack weight to my hotel in Oviedo. It’s always a leap of faith.

My “new” shoes are great. I’m so glad I bought used shoes as they are obviously broken in! No rubbing on the outside of my foot where Goliath (that’s what I’m calling the blister) lives. I have to say, Compeed really helps. No blister photos. I don’t like looking at those either.

My hotel is nice, but they have this new fangeled light system that drives me crazy. A little box on the wall and icons to indicate areas to light (?). Just give me a switch, dang blast it (impersonating old man screaming at technology). Too stuffy and hot. But tomorrow I head out north on my grand adventure (transition sentence)…

Looking at the weather, it’s supposed to rain the entire week! So much for the views, but if I had to choose, I’d walk in rain over heat any day. I’m from Seattle.

I almost went back to my room until 4 pm (cathedral opening). Instead, I’m sitting on the plaza waiting for the “Menu del dia”. With what I could translate, it will be: house salad, pork cheek, and wine, all for 16 euros.

It’s lonesome eating alone, but if I eat heavy now, my light snack of croissant with ham and cheese with the wine in my room will be perfecto! I much prefer the company of pilgrims, complaining of injury and blisters!

Spains mixed salad


Delicious pork cheeks.
Leon cathedral

Tomorrow I start the San Salvador. I may not be able to blog daily. Will catch up when I can!

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