Shoes for sale: slightly used.

Apparently, the brand of Altras that I purchased are for a narrow heel, which I do not have. Good toe box, but the blisters on either side of my feet show it is not for me when carrying my pack. New trail runners in Leon tomorrow. If anyone wears 8.5 with a narrow heel, let’s make a deal!

Altra Olympus

Started out a hour before dawn with a headlamp. It was going to be another hot one! The sky was beautiful.

Dawn breaking

Stopped at a couple of places for cafe con leche, and had to take off my shoes as I was developing new blisters on top of the others. I had sandals, but the gravel kept getting under my feet. A hard walk into Carrion.

As is the custom, anyone you’ve seen before are your true friends and a couple recognized me and bought me a small beer (thankful).

I stopped in the pilgrim shop and the woman chided me about my feet. “Where are your socks?!” She yelled.

I turned around and she was talking to me! “I’m wearing sandals!” I answered (a pilgrim tries to be fashionable after all).

“Shoes and socks, SANDALS and socks! Always socks!”

Gee…sorry! She took one look at my blisters and pulled out the compeed. Then she sold me the “Korean cream” used to prevent blisters. Free lesson was given on blister care, foot prep and socks. See if I look for a postcard again!

I did stop by a very old church…

Heads up

Entrance to the longest 9.5 miles I ever walked. The guy ahead of me was limping as bad as I was. I stared at his back for 5 miles.

Carrion—-it never seemed to get closer.

I’m at my hotel. I vowed last time I walked it that I would stay here. Beautiful: Real Monasterio San Zoilo. $68. Better than the Parador.

Thus ends my 5 day journey on the Camino Francis. Tomorrow I take the bus to Leon and spend two days there before the real purpose: Camino San Salvador. Buen Camino!

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2 Responses to Shoes for sale: slightly used.

  1. Carol Greeley says:

    Ouch! Blisters are awful. Hope you get some relief. Interesting to hear of your experiences.

  2. ginny hoffman says:

    Hi Beckie! I am enjoying your blog postings so much! Each one lets me know what it’s really like to walk the Camino – the adventure, the history, the spiritual beauty of it all. Thinking of you each day. Love you, Ginja ________________________________

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