Reservation Only!

It’s a different Camino. In the past, one could walk leisurely and know that they could find a bed. No more.

This year, September had more pilgrims than July or August! I didn’t book tonight because, previously, this special Albergue didn’t take reservations,!you had to walk at least 15 km, and carry your pack (no bag service).

Imagine my despair, when I arrived at 11:30 after walking 13 miles (1/2 marathon), in hot weather, to be told firmly: “No reserva, no room!” didn’t help, showing no rooms for 20 miles. The ONLY day I didn’t book.

A sweet woman from our Albergue last night, assured me that the Albergue in Boadilla, would have room. I was suffering from heat, 80 degrees, so I took a taxi 7 miles instead of walking 20 miles today. So sue me.

The lovely Albergue last night…

San Bol
Dome ceiling over the dining room
Tonight’s albergue: like a museum.

I’ve got a bunk, and am heading for dinner! Good night!

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