Longest Day

The guidebook said 26 km, and so I set out as early as I could from the cowboy hotel that I stayed in last night. I wonder where they found the 1950 mattress I slept on.

I had planned on eating at the hotel restaurant and as usual dinner would not be available until 8 PM at the earliest. At 8 PM when I went down to the restaurant, there were actually old men smoking inside and playing cards. Rather than asking for firewater at the saloon, I ventured down the street to a very small grocery and purchased a half of a crusty French bread, hard salami, cheese and yogurt to eat in my room.

I’ve slept on more comfortable hide a beds. With a croissant and a coffee I headed out before dawn this morning. It was beautiful listening to the birds and watching the sun come up.

Again the Wi-Fi here at this small Pension will not let me upload pics. Sorry about that. But there wasn’t much to take pictures of today. I walked mainly through thick forested areas that were very dark and enchanting.

I finally reached my last lodging on the trail which is about 10 miles from Santiago. My room is supposed to be a room with a view. The only view I can see is the parking lot and the freeway, so I guess I’m lucky.

Tomorrow after I check into my hotel, I have an appointment with an online Covid test that I have in my suitcase at the hotel. Day after tomorrow I fly to Madrid for a day and a half. This walk has gone by quickly, and I am very grateful for it. good night!💤

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