Evening prayer

Well I’ve been awake for over 24 hours. I made my connection in Spain by five minutes. If I had checked my luggage I would not have made it. It doesn’t help that Madrid’s terminals are at least a mile long. seriously, my phone health record recorded 2 miles by the time I made my flight in Spain.

My father was a bus driver. He was very proud of that fact. And in his honor, I wanted to figure out how to get from the airport to my hotel using public transport. Instead of paying €25 for the taxi, I paid two dollars for the bus. A lot of people helped me and I appreciate that. It’s a lucky thing I did my Google map search online. I was able to recognize my stop and get off at the right place. I checked into my hotel and had an enjoyable afternoon on the beach across the street.

I’ve had a time trying to stay awake, but I managed and I have some errands to do before I catch the train to the start of the Ingliss Camino.

Hot ladies hit the beach

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2 Responses to Evening prayer

  1. Noeleen Hay says:

    I love that you have your little friend with you. Have you named him yet?

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