And In Conclusion

I’ll admit: we sisters had a very difficult last day. The country side was beautiful, but Mr. Brieley (guidebook author), it was more than 20 km. We pulled into Santiago with our spirits high. We stayed at the AC Marriott and from out my window had a view of the Cathedral.the next morning we arrived at the square. It’s so much fun to join with others in this experience.

My sister Normajean and I–Because of the heat, we developed a rash on our legs. Too much sun too soon. I didn’t develop this earlier because I always wore long pants. Live and learn!

We are now in Madrid, getting ready to fly home tomorrow. Tired, but grateful we all fly home. Thanks for reading my crazy blog! I didn’t get lost as much this time! đŸ˜‰

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3 Responses to And In Conclusion

  1. Jan Coleman says:

    Thanks for sharing and allowing us to experience the Camino again through you. Having two sisters of my own, I envy your having this wonderful adventure with them, and honoring your mother this way!
    Godspeed back to Virginia!

  2. Pamela H Moore says:

    There is that LORNA smile that you all have! LOVE IT!!! YOU ARE SIMPLY INCREDIBLE! Even moore than I thought!

  3. Lee Beam says:

    What an incredible journey! You need to share it with us at Trinity when you return!

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