Sister strong May 18

If there was one thing that broke through the agony of Mother’s passing, it would be an awareness of who my sisters are.

I was able to see such strength, beauty and grace in each of my sisters as we took turns caring for Momma. I’m so proud to be in their company. Ginny, with her nurturing spirit. Caron with her practical grace and direction. Normajean with her support of each of us, and Tina who put in hours and hours of care through the night sessions.

As I walk the Camino with just two of my four sisters, I think of Ginny and Caron and miss them. I love Caron’s wit and humor and Ginny’s well placed thoughts. We carry you with us.

In two days time we will reach Santiago. Today was over some mighty hills. Beautiful country:I was particularly taken with the stone houses and bridges.The freshly plowed fields contrasted against the vibrant land.

We now are staying in a lovely casa rural with stone walls. If only the little dog would stop barking!

We had a wonderful dinner at a sidewalk cafe.

Good night all pilgrims! Rest well.

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Free-lance writer. I am able to work with chaos and organize it into function.
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1 Response to Sister strong May 18

  1. cathyjo44 says:

    I love reading your Blog.
    We plan to be in Santiago Tuesday & Wednesday.

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