Sisters 3

My sisters arrived night before last and we had a late dinner before I could see the drain of traveling 24 hours. They had a near miss at the Madrid train station. Normajean became aware her suitcase was gone.

Tina went out to search the area and Norma spotted two uniformed guys with it (was it a scam?). Norma stopped them and Tina joined in asking for the suitcase. Finally, some young man who spoke both languages translated and the suitcase was handed over. Whew!

We took our first steps togetherLeaving Sarria, we climbed up and over the beautiful land with sunny skies!over creeks and through heavy vegetation.

When we arrived at our destination, they said we didn’t have reservations and were full “completo.” Tina worked her magic and we stayed at a century old stone home.We had a great dinner and deep sleep. Today, we taxied back to the Camino and are near Palas del Rei. We have a long day tomorrow. So nice to have my sisters.

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1 Response to Sisters 3

  1. Pamela H Moore says:

    This all just seems surreal, with you 3 together in a foreign land, accomplishing a huge feat and creating such a bond! I can see Lorna up there giving her best smile and thumbs up to her 3 determined darlings! May you find JOY in every moment! That home you stayed in and the history, just looked like it was waiting for the 3 of you! Fantastic photos that just made my day! I will keep revisiting this page! Onward with grace and the dignity of your mom!

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