April 27 – Day 3

I had two hours sleep. I don’t know why–go ask your brother (Dr. Suess). Out of the gate at 7:30. My pack is just too heavy. I stopped for breaky and found a fellow teacher from Auzzie. Encouraging exchange and off I go! Remember to turn around often as you walk…

you just might see angels behind you.

I arrives at Villafranca, and the path immediately turned into a rocky wash out. Tough climbing for an hour. Reminiscent of the Pyrenees. The Camino was like, “oh, you thought you wouldn’t have to climb?!!” Once cresting the tail to an ATV track, I walked for hours through forest. Just when I was overcome, I found volunteer trail angels with free food!!

my lunch: a boiled egg, an apple and a glass of vino tinto.

There was encouraging stone artwork in the path. Keep seeing Noels heart (good friends icon).and arrows

But truth be told, it was a hard day. My feet just hurt, and two blisters were developing despite the creams, double socks and good boots. I think it must be from dehydrati

I hit flat (?) ground and met a lovely bovine who answered my “mooing.”

I speak fluent cow. She looked like she desperately needed grain. Huge cow. I thanked her for cheese. As I said: it was a long day walking alone.

I approached the village of Ages and loved their sign. My albergue was very nice with heavy wooden bunks. I take a sarong to make a fort for privacy

Last night, when I woke up and the anxiety of insomnia began to taunt me, I repeated the scripture, ”

Psalm 4:8 King James Version (KJV)

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.

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