And miles to go before I sleep. May 13

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” Robert Frost

I began my long 5 mile decent down the mountain from O’Cereiro area. It’s tough on the toes and I taped and padded my feet carefully. There was a nice French theme albergue/bar 1/2 way down. Stopped for breakfast.

There isn’t much to see in the town of Tricastle, except for a very old tree. Can you see the man in the tree?I had another 10 to walk, so I passed through the town without stopping.

The trail goes two ways after town, and having been to Samos, I took the right trail through the deep wooded area and began to climb again up 1200 meters.

I stopped at a small “eco-farm” albergue and bought a juice, readjusted my pack and carried on.

I spent two hours climbing. The trail was well marked. On the other side of the climb, I came across a kind group who had refreshments for pilgrims for a donation. I ate a banana and some cookies, readjusted my boots and carried on. I couldn’t “dilly-dally” as I had so many miles to cover.

My feet began to hurt. What to do? I had trudged down a mountain and up and down a smaller one: so they had reason to complain! I pondered the night before to take a taxi down from Fonfria to Tricastle, but felt that mom would tell me to push on (she always did).

This is also the closing of “ACT II” of my Camino in three Acts, and I wanted one day of solid walking. The last day of solitude before the joyful exuberance of my sisters take over. This is the close of my 2nd Camino really. Tomorrow, I join theirs.

But I may have pushed too hard. My feet were extremely sore and my right toe, although no evidence of a blister, is red and agitated. I took Advil and tried to put my feet up after checking into my albergue. It helped. Tomorrow is a rest day as my sisters won’t be in until 8 pm.

My albergue is the best that I have stayed in so far. They may sell this year. It is a lovely, beautiful place with hammocks and a garden. The food was so delicious. Vegetarian, and satisfying. It helped that two of my favorite encounters were here also and I passed a lovely evening with them.

When I finally went to bed (I had a private room), I couldn’t get comfortable under the sheets and comforter. I finally pulled my sleeping bag out and crawled inside: out like a light!

I’m thankful for this past month alone, but am expecting a new kind of wonderful with my sisters.

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3 Responses to And miles to go before I sleep. May 13

  1. Lee Beam says:

    Enjoying your blog. Just located it this week with help from Tom. You have energy that I may never have, but you are bringing us along with you. God continue to be with you, and now your sisters!

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