May 11 – Hilarious las Herrerias

I’m checking my iPhone mile counter and it says I have walked 7.7 (almost 8) miles today. Only 7.7?!! 4 of that was down a very treacherous descent from my lodging. Oh well. It sure feels like more.

Last night: You never know, when you book in bunks who will be sharing your room. In my case: 2 men from Germany and a young man from Holland.

I still wasn’t feeling well last night, so was unable to enjoy the wild boar (seriously) meat goulash served with fries that the host fed us. The young (20 yr old) Dutch man said, “I can help you eat!” So he ate his and my wild boar and dessert (flan). The host brewed some chamomile tea for me, and I hit the sack. I’m better today.

I set out at 7:30 with the roosters crowing and milk cows with their bells ringing as they pulled on the grasses.I had to walk a very steep trail down. It turned out to be like a 4-wheeler (ATV) trail with loose rocks. I stopped to take a picture of where I was headed:

after an hour or so, I stopped at a truck stop to order breakfast. The waitresses were so rude it was hysterical–didn’t offend me at all. They were rude to everyone, so…

I loved the animals in the fields:

and one sheep dog sat with his back to the sheep acting like he’d love to join me. He was so big and handsome.

As I walked further into the valley, I took shots of places to stay (in case I’m ever back this way).

At this bakery, a professional photographer was taking pictures of the establishment. I walked past and he screeched and grabbed me. I jerked away and backed up. Somebody said, “No, no senora, he only loves your backpack and wants to take a photo. I obliged, turning my back while he snapped away. I told the translator to tell him that the woman on my pack was my mother, now gone. He was very emotional then.

As I walked away, I said out loud, “Well Momma, you got your picture taken. He thought you were beautiful.” It made me happy.

Now I am safely tucked into a beautiful little place at the foot of the mountain I must climb tomorrow. I think I’ll have spaghetti tonight.

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3 Responses to May 11 – Hilarious las Herrerias

  1. Pamela H Moore says:

    The animals in the fields and the pup…..Love them and could almost hear that cowbell….what a wonderful noise that would be especially while hiking thru their neighborhood! What gorgeous countryside and I felt like I was striding with you! Love that excitement the photographer felt and expressed and that you were able to share your mom with him! I truly knew your tummy was feeling better when you mentioned SPAGHETTI!!! It is a shame you missed the wild boar (ooops)! Trek on you lovely woman, you! YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE and I wish you a pleasant MOTHER’S DAY on Sunday! I am going to Tacoma at Tyler’s insistence, and will depart tomorrow and stay with the boys while they have a Date NIght Saturday. Tyler is doing a bike race in Port Gamble tomorrow also. Hope he stays upright and proud! Love YOU!

  2. cathyjo44 says:

    It is great to hear your Updates!!

    We are staying in the same place in 2 days. 🤗
    – Casa Lixa.

    ¡Buen Camino!

  3. Juliette says:

    I’m off to England in a few days so turning off all your posts. Love seeing the photos!

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