May 8 Late night hangout.

I was so happy to stay at the “Hilton Albergue” until 11 pm, when the jolly Irish pilgrims decided to pop another (after another, after another) brew until 1am: below our window. The window had to be open for the heat and smell inside. Long story short: 2am before I could sleep.

I’m seeing that those cute smaller rooms can backfire if the roommates snore, smell, or read on their kindles/phones. FYI. On a good note: the salad was delicious!

I blithely, headed down from the mountains. Stopping to admire the bird singing from the Cytisus scoparius, the common broom or Scotch broom shrubs growing profusely along the steep trail. The birds really liked this plant. And there were so many making their nest and trying to divert me away from them. Finally! I get to see Poppy’s growing in the wild! It’s been so cold here in Spain that they have not come out yet, but today here they were.

I knew today would be very hard. The path is really a dry creek bed, and is very hard to navigate. One has to continually watch your step. I tell you this because I was watching my stuff and walked right into a tree branch. Bonk!!!! Ouch!

It was easy to get distracted as we headed down into sleepy villages.

I miss the path. It crossed a road and ran alongside a little farm. The farmer had just turned out his milk cow with her new calf. I spent about 10 minutes watching the little calf wander around the pasture. But I did not realize was that the Camino Took a turn right next to this farm uphill. I was skipping down the hill quite a ways before I realized that the last time I walked this section, I did not walk on the road. Oh dear.

The tiny ribbon of a road with hardly any guard rails, wound its way around and around tight corners with limited visibility. I pulled out my high visible vest and walked with extra caution, listening for cars/trucks. I kept seeing crosses alongside the road and I gazed upward at the trail high above me. I could see pilgrims walking very small from this distance and regretted not paying attention. But I did have a beautiful view of the river far below the cliffs, and lovely wildflowers growing.

I finally reach the town of Molinaseca, With its arched bridges and outdoor cafés along the river. I had to take another picture of the bridge even though I have another at home.

I spoke with other women Pilgrims who discussed with me where I might have taken the wrong turn. One of them had it on her phone as she and her friend accidentally bypassed the farm and retraced her steps. Another reason to walk with a partner. Saying goodbye to the town I was able to stop and smell the flowers

And as I collect gnomes (0ld fashioned kind), I had to take a picture of the sweet little guys surrounding a tree.

Coming into the big city of Ponferrada, I used my phone’s map app to locate my lodging. safe and sound in the AC Marriott. A girls got to splurge once in a while!! I think I’ll order room service!

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1 Response to May 8 Late night hangout.

  1. Pamela H Moore says:

    OH girl…..what a story and lovely photos! Soooo happy you have landed in the HILTON (my middle name) and that you will be secure and in comfort for a good night’s rest! Some real good food and wine tooo! MIssy and her twins are on their way here to go to the beach and spend the night….and I am soooo excited! Just got the picnic packed!

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