May 7th – Deep sleep in Rabanal

3 years ago, in this village, I was the last one out of the albergue. I had slept through all the rustling and lights and the hosts kicked me out, boots in hand to the street.

This morning was nearly the same, I woke up and there were 3 other pilgrims in the room of 40 beds. I was up and brushing my teeth. What is it about this town that puts me in a coma?

The sun was bright- promising a hot day of hiking. Time to head out the door!

But first a coffee with frothed milk

The tail was steep and full of stones. This is why I wear boots. My ankles turn very easy.

Looking back over the valley, I say a prayer for my family and friends as I walk.

At Cruz de Ferro, I lay a stone from the grave of my dear mother, Lorna Rae, and pray for her children.making way for the many Koreans who don’t want anyone near the cross when they take a picture. So I took a picture of THEM. That’ll show ’em!

There were signs on the road that I couldn’t comprehend: and sweet cows with bells eating rich green grass.

I finally make it to Acebo. To the very posh albergue La Casa del Peregrino. Which has a pool, luxurious showers and sturdy bunks in a room of only women!!!! Score!

In three hours I will have a beautiful dinner and get a good nights rest. Tomorrow I hike down into this valley.

I will spend two days walking across to the mountains of Galicia.

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