May 5th Camino 2018 Act II

Oh how I love the trail from Astorga on! I must return as a tourist someday to visit: the Gaudi palace museum, the chocolate museum, and Cathedral. But no time this year. Rabanal is my next destination.

The trail winds through just enough villages to give you breaks. I had cafe con leche in each one. I stopped in respect to a memorial for a fallen pilgrim:

The path was smooth and easy with a gradual climb up.I found the greatest place for lunch. It’s the last place out of Gonzar. They have an albergue, but also a little shop. When I saw an avacado, tomato, on toast I was sold. It was dreamy. I actually closed my eyes while eating it.I’ll save the boiled egg for later. The cookies were delicious. A take off of lemon Oreos. Oh: and a beer. are hops a vegetable or fruit?

I made it up the rocky path that fights against your efforts to climb. when I got to Rabinal, I found a translated Spanish poem to encourage me.I arrived at my sweet albergue with 2 showers and ONE toilet (?!). The woman tried to give me a lower bunk shoved next to another bunk. I quickly looked around and claimed another top bunk. I don’t want to wake up to face another person. Wise decision, as my bunk mate would have been a friendly Korean man who was singing love songs. Ah…no thanks. I’ll keep my top bunk with rails

After lunch, the temperature began to climb. After so many days of cold rain, I walked in hot sunshine. I returned to the awareness of being in the moment and loving what life has given to me (again). Tomorrow is Cruz de Ferro. I’m approaching it carefully and in deepest respect.

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