May 5th

Wonderful day of exploring and testing my limits. I set out for a good cup of coffee (not hard to find in Spain). Found a bakery! The day was looking up!

The town yesterday looked bleak and unwanted, but today was market day! I headed down to the Plaza Major and found the ruins of a monastery dated from 1100’s. I also saw storks actively building a nest.I came across a small plaza surrounded in lilac bushes. I stopped and buried my face in fragrance.

I thought how wonderful it was that I was able to wander the streets of this ancient town and find a moment of joy. I then headed up a tiny street to the market. The red peppers were at least 8 inches long, and such a brilliant red!

Flowers for sale!

how about some nuts?I jumped on a high speed train and cut a week off my journey. I arrived in the beautiful city of Astorga. I love this place! Here my lunch:

I wandered further into the old section and spotted two girls. This could be my sister Tina and I exploring Astorga in 20 years!I didn’t want to eat alone and after wandering around, I didn’t see anyone I knew. I went into a grocery store and bought a salad, a small bottle of wine, and ramen noodles. This was the perfect finish for the day. My little hotel had a balcony off of my room, and I ate my meal listening to the church bells ring.tomorrow I climb 12 miles up into the hills to Cruz de Ferro.

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5 Responses to May 5th

  1. cathyjo44 says:

    What a wonderful UpDate and Fabulous Photos!!
    I love Astorga too!! 💞👣

  2. Noels says:

    I love reading your posts! So glad you caught the train – good idea! Thanks for bringing us along with you!

  3. Tom Hearn says:

    Beautiful !

    Thank you for sharing and allowing me to relive my 2015 Camino. Buen Camino Peregrina. Norma Hearn

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    Thanks for sharing have enjoyed your updates and beautiful photos👣😇

  5. Jan Coleman says:

    Thank you Rebecca…I’m so proud of you! Your posts are so beautiful and I imagine being there with you.
    BUT, my feet hurt just thinking about all those miles you’ve hiked!

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