May 4th

Walked one of the longest stretches of the Meseta today. My feet were properly pampered: so we did well. First, a few photos leaving town.

Today I have walked an endless straight line, broken up with a few trees and a hill. I was going with my fastest pace. Was able to take a few breaks and connected with a couple from Texas whenever I encountered a bench or concrete block to sit on. Finally, I reached my destination. It wa a village about 40 km from Carrión. Called a taxi and waited

Got to my cowboy hotel. It was a dump with the smell of dirty cat box. My room is really weird and there was a dirty glass in the bathroom. Ewwww. I do like the attempt at artwork

Reusing calendar pictures is good and the tacks hardly show. The toilet is very close to the bed so I can just roll over to flush it.

I don’t know about the moldy shower curtain. Oh well! My train comes at 1:30 tomorrow and I’m going to be waiting on the platform. Tomorrow I skip a week of walking to the lovely town of Astorga! Good night!

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Free-lance writer. I am able to work with chaos and organize it into function.
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