May 2nd

Apparently, my photos are not loading up quickly. This is sad because they are very beautiful.

Maybe when I get home I will post just pictures in an album. Today I walked over a very steep hill and was able to look back over to the castle that I climbed yesterday.

The Meseta opens up here with skies so blue and bright. The weather changed from cloudy to sunny, and the wind blew the wheat fields like waves.

I met a new friend today and she and I walked happily together. We had lunch and then walked into Boadilla del Camino. There is a very nice Albergue here with beautiful gardens. Unfortunately it is so cold out. Three years ago, it was about 80 degrees in the afternoon and there were happy people lounging about. Now they are huddled in bunk rooms. I have a private room tonight, so I’m warm but missing the company. My window looks at the church and a stork has built her nest on the roof.

Dinner is at 7pm. Then it is off to bed! I have 25 km (15 mi) to walk tomorrow. The day after will be 30 km (18 mi). I wonder if I can do it?! If not, “Taxi!!”

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