Day 2 – STO. Domingo to Villambistia

Good bye STO. Domingo!

I didn’t sleep again, but was ready to hoist the pack and meander up the path. It started misting rain, so I frantically pulled out my rain gear and pack cover. No one else was wearing rain gear. After sweating for about a mile, I looked up to see a giant wooden cross on a hill and I knew I should stop and take everything back off and put it away.

Lucky for me, there were two people at the cross and as I put everything away we begin to talk. They were a couple from Pennsylvania and were very kind. Jim and Jane, my new friends. We walked together all day today and I was able to help Gene with her feet. She was wearing inappropriate socks and I feel that they only cost her feet to have friction. I had sheep’s wool in my pack and I carefully wrapped her toes And tied her shoes in a way that prevented her toes from hitting the front of her boot. This act of kindness earned me a nice cup of cafe con leche provided by Jim.

As we were leaving, The country opened up into a magnificent vista of green rolling wheat fields , of mustard blossoms and open sky. Jane and I posed for pictures.

We visited more churches and pondered the open road


Here are some flowers I found in the tiny village before dinner good night everyone tomorrow will be a longer walk

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4 Responses to Day 2 – STO. Domingo to Villambistia

  1. Norma says:

    You inspire me!!

  2. Pamela H Moore says:

    MAGNIQUE!!! the pathways, the roads, the colors of the wild flowers, the mustard fields, the hillsides, seeing YOU, knowing you found nice folks to trek with, that you could help someone suffering as someone helped you before, HOW everything that comes around, goes around! How life is wholly one big ADVENTURE and how you are brave enough for all these adventures! YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE BEING!

  3. Looks so pretty! I am glad that you met some good people. I remember last time you did this you had a lady show you how to tie your boots to keep your feet comfortable. You are paying it forward, showing the true meaning of grace. Mom loves you Beck – so do I. Be assured!

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