Santo Domingo de la Calzada Day 1

Today I took time to take care of business. After a fitful night of sleep, I woke at 9 AM. I went down to breakfast and the kind waitress asked, “Cafe con leche?” After I said yes she disappeared and I could hear the espresso machine running. She came back with a tray with two silver pictures. One was full of hot frothy milk. The other was filled with espresso.

I want to the post Office to mail a box that contained things I needed for the plane ride home. I then walked around town and explored the area. I return to my hotel to get my Compostela, and then to walk to the cathedral to get it stamped. My first stamp of Camino 2018! The cathedral is beautiful, and I spent three hours looking at everything.

One thing that took me by surprise: the statues of mother Mary reminded me of attributes of my own sweet departed mother. I found myself crying and thanking God for her.They had a very nice collection of statues that I found very interesting and I found a very quiet courtyard through a barely opened doorway With an ancient well and a very old all of tree the cobblestones in the courtyard where intriguing.Later in the day I found a good little café that served pilgrim meal of the day lamb chops in mixed salad with ice cream and a bottle of wine all this for €12Tomorrow my walk begins.

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  1. Carol and Virgil Greeley says:

    Thinking of you as you walk. Stay safe and be refreshed. Jesus walks with you!

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