Count down

In less than 3 weeks, I will be in Spain. I am going to post my packing here.

For the head and shoulders: 


I have 3 hats (I know: it’s a luxury). My faithful bill hat, a fleece beanie to sleep in or to wear on cold mornings, and my new floppy hat from Eddie Bauer. I can’t find my orange scarf (panic! ) but until I find it, I have a very thin blue scarf. I’m going to take this money/card carrier this time, as I’m used to having a small clutch, and worried that my fanny pack is vulnerable. I can wear this under my jacket or shirt if need be in cities.

My tops:


Smart wool long sleeve, quick dry short sleeve (from last Camino), and a bright smart wool short sleeve.

My lower limbs:


Eddie Bauer Guide pro shorts and long pant. I also found a very light ExOfficio black skort that comes to my knees for night or visits to Cathedrals.

Socks IMG_0221.jpg

Smart wool, Sox (for plantar fasciitis) and med weight wool socks to go over thin socks. If it is wet (and it looks like it is), an extra light pair will be welcome.

Extra needs:


Lambs wool for toes and to share with others. Lush shampoo (I tried it out and it’s wonderful), clothes pins, etc. I packed my ear plugs into a baggie that squishes down. Oops forgot my toothbrush! I have a little cool magnetic clip light (above the vaseline) that I can use to find things (covering it up with my hand so as not to disturb sleeping pilgrims).

Rain gear:


Rain pants, rain jacket (I’ll wash it before I pack it), and my awesome fleece jacket from? You guessed it: Eddie Bauer. I am not paid for endorsing them, but I’m open to have them send me money if they want.

My sleep gear:

Travel down sleeping bag from REI (not shown) with compression sack. A light top with leggings to sleep in.




After trying 3 different Keens (all hurt my feet after 5 miles), I was coached into buying Vasque. They were about $40 more than the Keens, but WOW, are they nice! I walked six miles today and forgot about my feet: good sign. Light cork sandals for the night life and flip flops for shower/bunk area.

Now for the most important items:


Brieley’s very light map book. My sister is bringing the Wise Pilgrim guide book. My journal (prayers that I’m carrying are listed in the back), and a new credential.

I “want” to bring:

my sarong as a towel and cover up, but I have to weigh my bag. I also found arm sleeves that I can wear for sun protection that have a cooling effect (or so the package says).



Next week, I will roll, stuff and fit everything into my pack. I’ll post a pic of that when I do. I have been writing in my journal thoughts to my mother, and will fill this journal with memories of her and new friends I meet on the trail. 19 days.

Let’s do it.

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2 Responses to Count down

  1. Ran Clarkson says:

    I’ve always used Vasque boots. The taller boots, like yours I used for backpacking and ankle support, but my most frequently used are the Vasque low tops. They allow for more ankle freedom and less weight. I depends on what weather conditions you’ll encounter. It looks like a plan!

  2. Constance Harrington says:

    Blessings, Rebecca! Much love and many prayers go with you.

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