1st Camino 2015

Neverlost4good on the Camino De Santiago

Dear Reader:

I walked the Camino April 20th- May 30th, 2015. It is said that the Camino is done in stages: the first is like birth: going over the Pyrenees mountains and pushing against the wind and weather that holds you back. The second like childhood (Pamplona to Burgos). You are confused and still dependent on others, but learning to walk. The Meseta; a coming-of-age, and lastly, walking in wisdom and joy through Galicia onward to Santiago de Compostela. But let me add the final stage: the wisdom of hindsight, and if you are not careful, a growing desire to return and to walk with less focus on the miles and more on what the path will give you, day by day.

My walk was more like high school: arriving in Madrid, disoriented and confused, climbing the Pyrenees the following day through jet lag and wonder, feeling awkward and out of place with my fellow pilgrims, trying to look cool: a freshman. By Pamplona, I knew what I needed: a bed with communal meals. I could follow the arrows and watched for others to guide me. Still new, but growing in confidence: a sophomore. Burgos to Leon, alone again: but rushing to meet deadlines and checking off miles like a marathon runner. Was I on target? Will I make it? Who cares! Press on! A junior. And the last section, after Cruz de Ferro, I began to slow my pace; savoring the scenery and the characters I met in the albergues. I had tossed out half of my pack weight and walked lightly, seeing my departure rush at me as I was pulled with great urgency toward Santiago: a senior.

I hope in this blog, you will sense this transformation. At first, I’m just taking pictures, and reaching pre-planned destinations, but gradually, the Camino begins to show me how “the best laid plans” are often lost and I can only control my response and reaction to that change. I am working on an audible book that should be finished by March, 2016. It will be called Neverlost4good on the Camino. I decided to market the audible book first, and then work on formatting my ebook. It’s a backwards method, but I’ve never taken the common path in life. Thank you reader, for taking interest in my writing, and may I wish you a “Buen Camino” as you find your way to Spain. –Rebecca: neverlost4good.

Click on the following link to view my Camino story from the start.  You may also look at the menu bar above and click on START.

Start of Camino

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