Taking care of business…

After dinner last night, I was asking to pay for my room as I would be leaving at 6:30 am. The waiter told me what door to exit from and then said my breakfast would be wrapped and waiting on a table. What a surprise.

Throughout the Camino, most “breakfasts” consisted of thick toasted French bread, jam and coffee. You soon learn to hit a local store and get a yogurt, banana or something. The breakfast they made me was really a packed picnic, and it was so nice of them.

The bus arrived in Santiago, a little after 9 am. I found the monastery where they have pilgrim rooms for $23 Euros a night. It is where the monks used to dorm, in the attic. Pretty basic, but it sure beats a ‘Burgay”

From the window side


From the door side

Bonus-it has a bathroom!

View from my window

I explored the cathedral, and had a sandwich right across from where the pilgrims line up to receive their Compostella.

 tomorrow will be museums and another pilgrims mass (maybe I’ll see some I know).  😉

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