“it ain’t over ’til it’s over…”     -Moonstruck

I needed to walk through twisty streets to the bus station to get to the ocean. Yesterday, the tourist office (?) Had given me a map and a little paper telling me the schedule of the bus to Muxia. The first one left at 8:45. 

My hotel clerk told me “only 20 minute by walking.  Go out–turn left, then left, and left!!” Even I know that’s a circle. I should have left her a bigger tip at lunch. I left my sweet room at 7:30 with map in hand. After 15 min I felt hopelessly lost. I retraced my steps back and stood there on the sidewalk.

I could see 3 pilgrims walking. I opened with the standard greeting, “Ablo English?” They all recognized me from the walk and “Hello!” In Italian and Portuguese. I said, “Autobus Muxia?” They burst out laughing and signaled me to join. I gathered that one man knew where the bus was, had another man ask and join, and the woman had asked right before I met them. 

We walked all together in silence until I started singing, “We’re off to see the Wizard!” Another bout of laughter. We got to the bus early so we had a coffee 

 just when you think the Camino is over you meet up with angels once again. We posed for a picture at the bus station… 

 and we were on our way to Muxia (moo-she-ah).  They are staying at an Albergue, but I found a room under 50 Euros, so we parted ways. 

I found the rocks that are shown at the end of “The Way” movie 

 and the mile marker 0 

 The town of Muxia has also has a nice harbor and seems built right into the rock cliffs. 


My hotel is one block in and is a nice place… 

  Tomorrow, Wednesday, it’s an early bus out: 6:45, and business to tend to in Santiago. Thursday I have free to explore the Cathedral and get ready for my short flight to Madrid. Overnight near the airport and then home!

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