Bonus blessing….

If you ever find yourself in the tiny town of Muxia, Spain, be sure to eat at a de lolo restaurant.  It’s a nice boutique hotel as well, but I think I stumbled upon a great thing here.

I just ate the best meal I have ever eaten, with the most caring waiters. I was just sorry that I only had my 40 day old pilgrim clothes to wear, as it is a 5 star place. But they were so kind, that I soon just relaxed and enjoyed being pampered. 

Usually on the Camino you get a “pilgrims menu” for about 10 Euros. It’s a good deal, but it is usually a salad, a fried meat with French fries and a choice of ice cream bar or yogurt. This blew that off the table, and those who have walked can testify…

The Russian salad was so good I fought licking the plate, 

 the bread perfect…with fresh salsa, and the grilled Hake (caught today) was heavenly.  

But the most wonderful was the homemade flan that resembled my sister Normajean’s cheesecake ( a wonder indeed).

 The wine was light and perfect for the meal 


I shall sleep well tonight. Spain has given me her finest, and I am grateful! Good night dear Reader, may you dream of Espana! 

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