After my nightmare of alburgues–and I can say this now because it is daylight, and I’m miles away….think “Shining” and you know the feeling that I had all alone in a building. Okay? THAT was scary. You know how something is so frightening that you can’t say anything until later? Yeah, that was last night. 

I RAN out of there at 6:15, only that late because it was dark before that time. Things I contemplated: 

1) dragging one of mattresses to the handicap bathroom because it LOCKED.

2) Putting mattresses against the door so that no one could get me while I slept.

3) just leaving at 1:00 am when I was too scared to sleep (dang! Sent my headlamp forward!)

4) sleeping on the landing in front of the door with my poles to hit ’em when they snuck in (because every man wants a 57 year old pilgrim).  Hey! There are some strange men out here. 

Every noise and I’d shine my iPhone lamp frantically around the room. That always works when you’re in trouble. “Hey bad man, I’m over here by the light!!!”

I blame my fear of the dark on my father. When I was about five years old, I was sent to bed while my older siblings watched Batman or Bewitched: so unfair. I remember yelling for my big sister Ginja to come to me. I screamed her name for about five minutes, when my father came in and told me that I should be quiet because when I was yelling at bedtime, the Bogyman would hear and come for me. He left the room.

I waited in the darkness and then came to the conclusion of every child in the world: if you hide under the covers, he can’t find you! Such a smart child!  I put the covers over my head and yelled, “Ginja! Ginja!!!”  After a while I got pretty sweaty. So I pulled the covers off my head to breathe. 

My dad had crept back in while I was hiding under the covers and put his head an inch from my face, so that when I uncovered my face there was this big head over mine!

 That’s why I use lights.

It was a nice walk again: you’re probably bored of hearing that, but it was in mostly dirt pack and under eucalyptus trees. I didn’t see too many pilgrims because the 100 km walkers were still sleeping (we are now in the final stage where hundreds join us a day). 

I missed the trail again, but found it just of hwy 547. Gosh that’s frustrating! I arrived at the last big town before Santiago, where many choose to stay because it’s only 18 km tomorrow.

I was thinking of how I had asked God in prayer for a room of my own and a bathroom. I was given an entire Albergue: God has such a sense of humor! So today I prayed for a good bed and an outlet for my phone. 

As I was walking the streets of Pedrouzo (sung to the cowboy tune of “as I was awalking the streets of Lorado”), I saw a sign that said “private Pension Una Estella.” Hmmm!  A man stepped out and said, “you need room?” He motioned me in the lobby. Don’t worry, it looked okay. 

He pointed to a price sheet that had room prices. A single bed room 20 Euros. I was interested. He pointed to his eyes and said, “you see now?” I got my poles ready, and shrugged okay. He was small, I could take him.

He introduced me to his wife and they showed me the sweetest room with mahogany floors, dollies everywhere and free breakfast. I’m on what appears to be the second floor of a “walk up” (NYC or Boston type) home. Beautiful. Here was my bedroom and it was beyond wonderful. As I unpacked, the scripture from Ephesians 3:20-21 popped into my head:

“Now unto Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly ABOVE all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us, unto Him be glory..” 

Yes, I asked for a private room last night and got an entire Albergue. Today, all I wanted was a bed and I’m in a lovely bed and breakfast (with locking doors). I stopped and thanked God for watching out for me and for providing such a beautiful, restful night’s stay for my final night on the trail.  Here are some pics from today— 

six hours of farmland. Nice. 

 when I get a palm tree, I’m planting geraniums in it as well. 

 this would be my house. It’s all I need. I’d love it. 

 weird bathroom graffiti  

 my perfect pizza for lunch. Tomorrow-Santiago de Compostella!! 

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