Wish come true

While walking today, I decided to get my own room. There were several towns that had little hotels or pensions and I decided to treat myself.

My feet “quit” at 20 km today and so I spotted this nice Albergue just over the highway. It was about 2 pm, about the time pilgrims set up camp (grab a bunk, shower, wash trekking gear, have a beverage, get a nap before dinner). 

I did all that, expecting pilgrims to come filtering in. No one has. I remember reading one girls blog in March (Marybell), who wrote about staying all by herself in an Albergue. I thought that would be scary. Ah-it is.  The owner assured me that all doors will be locked but my bunk door doesn’t lock. Disconsorting. 

I will do a quick check in in the morning. But it feels better to share where I am staying: I’m in the village of  Ribadiso at the Albergue Melipes. 

My bunk is in the corner 

Well, at least I have a bottom bunk, a plug in to myself, and no one snoring. Right? I promise to check in. 


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