Good job me!

This last section of the Camino is NOT well marked. After 3 km I came to a fork and no markings. I took what looked right and after 1/2 hour I knew it was not. What to do…what to do. We have in my family an uncanny sense of direction we call “Greeley sense.”  It is the ability to find our way when lost (ahh…)

I saw a major roadway. The sun was to my right (east) and I needed to go to Santiago (west). If this was highway 547, then it went to Santiago. I took the country roads down to the highway and walked 1/2 hour along the busy road until I came to a cafe that looked like it had pilgrims sitting around (dirty, hair disheveled, tight packs, dirty shoes). Yep. The Camino looped up and hit the highway before descending into the country side one more! Good job me!!!

The cafe (called bars in Spain), sold fresh cherries and other fruit besides the usual tortilla Potata or bocadillo. I wanted the cherries, but the shop owner said, “only kilo sell!!”  You had to buy a kilo?! That’s like two pounds! Who wants to haul that?!!!’ 

A kind gentleman that slept across from me in the last Albergue overheard the discussion and bought the kilo of cherries, sharing them amoung all the pilgrims present. So I put my share into a handkerchief that my father sent me and walked, spitting cherry seeds into the freshly plowed fields. 

 The day was crystal clear, no clouds and a brisk breeze. I think it was about 38 degrees this morning (cold), but if you move  like something is chasing you, you’re fine. 

corn crib selfie 

 centuries old bridge: Roman? Could be. 

Bovine Camino   

There was the sweetest crossing across a creek, made up of huge flat rocks. Another pilgrim offered to take my picture and almost captured my angels who walk with me. They are very shy and only show up as light on camera. 


I stopped by a cafe after a very long uphill to find 3 pilgrims busy conversing ONLINE and completely unaware of each other. But here u am posting blog entries so no judging! 

I walked through farmland and forest, the manure mixed well with the smell of pine trees.  Up long hills and down with hundreds of new pilgrims walking with their tourist packs: blocking paths and meandering. Get out of my way! I wanted to shout, but I always just said a polite “excuse me!”

I wanted to walk 23 km today, but my feet said NO!! I spotted a newer Albergue and stopped.  

The shower was wonderful. My laundry is drying, however…I am the only one here. Wouldn’t that be a weird thing to be all alone in an Albergue? Yikes! 20 km tomorrow and then 19 into Santiago on Monday.

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