Past Portamarin

if I make mistakes in my writing, please note that I’m writing on my tiny phone.  Now that I’ve taken care of that:

  I had the most wonderful stay at my last stop. It had glorious windows that framed the valley. The bunks were solid and new, plug ins at every bunk, and best of all: 19 other older pilgrims, who all were ready to sleep by 8pm. Sometimes the younger set stays out until 10pm and brings their noise in with them.

I woke up at 6 am and quietly brought my bag out into the hall. I’m learning to sleep in the top I will wear and finish dressing out of the bunk area. It took me most of my hike, but it’s coming together.

The walk reminded me of home again. I felt I would come around a corner and see Spring Hill Road at any time.  


I did see a stork up close; he was following a tractor which was cutting hay. 


I arrived at the beautiful town of Portamarin at 9am, I hadn’t eaten so I walked into a very beautiful restaurant overlooking the lake. This is how my conversation went:

Me: hola! Buenos Dias.

She: (in English) Good morning!

Me: (stunned that I’ve heard English), may I have breakfast?

She: of course.

Me: what do you have?

She: what do you want? 


I sat down after ordering and honestly forgot what I had ordered (low blood sugar and I had been walking 2 hours). To my delight, I received a tall glass of REAL fresh squeezed orange juice, 3 slices of good bread, scrambled eggs, and ham. I made an egg Mcmuffin and missed my husband who always fixes me breakfast. Strange how homesickness hits. I love Jim. 


I continued up another giant hill, through dense forest, and at 12:45 reached my destination (20 km).  Now my laundry is blowing in the wind and I’m going to nap. I’m only about 4-5 days from Santiago. If I arrive a day early, I will bus to the ocean. Bye! 


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