Friday before Santiago


 I am now at about 60 km. I walked 25 km today. At this pace, I should arrive Monday afternoon! I will bus to the ocean Tuesday. 

It was a long walk today. My Albergue would not serve breakfast before 8 am (such a late time for eager pilgrims!). I bought 2 bananas at the next bar, and thought to get a coffee con leche at the next town, but by then it was 9am and I think they were just tired: the barrestas were SO slow. 

I walked 3 hours, again through beautiful farmland, and found a place that would serve me breakfast.  I had the biggest croissant that I’ve ever seen, cafe con leche and a glass of fresh orange juice. Well fortified and rested—3 more hours of walking, passing through Pales de Rei, and up and down shaded tunnels of trees on hard pack dirt: lovely!  

After six hours of walking, I’ve made it to Casa Domingo. It is a beautiful Albergue. Located at km marker 61.

My pictures are having trouble loading 😦 I’ll send them later. 

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