Oops! 28 km.

Samos had the most beautiful alter. Instead of Christ on a cross, they had this— 

 it was about 50 feet tall, and your head had to tilt to the heavens to look at it. Lovely. Vespers was sort of disappointing. About 30 monks and nuns filed in (no one under 75 yrs old), and they mumbled through like they wanted to be in bed already. Oh well.

After they files out, the priest said a blessing over the pilgrims and walked up and down between the rows sprinkling us with water (heavens, maybe I’m Catholic now!). Lol

I stayed in the monetary Albergue because it is centuries old. It reminds me of the opening scene in “The Way,” with rows and rows of old bunks. It was unseated and very cold. I was so glad I had my down sleeping bag.

There were two ways to Sarria from Samos, and I took the climb up into the hills. There was absolutely no one on the path with me and it reminded me of Augusta county, in the Shenandoah Valley (where I live). 

I’m sorry I didn’t take many photos but there were no plug ins at the Albergue last night and my phone was nearly dead. I did have a friend take a shot on the stairs of Samos church 

And I walked several miles on a very interesting idea for a muddy path that must be shared with cows and pilgrims 

a lonley graveyard: rest in peace…. 

 I am only 10 km from Portomarina and a day ahead of schedule. Time to do laundry and eat!  Adios! 

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