Fonfria to Samos

The descent off the mountains was not as bad as I had imagined. It was so beautiful and perfect trekking weather for me: cloudy, damp, and breezy. I made good time. Yesterday, I saw the Albergue check in had postal boxes and when I asked they said, yes, they sell you a box and they send it to Santiago. 

I unloaded 6 pounds of stuff. My pack now holds only the bare essentials, but I walked as if nothing was on my back AND I am saving 7 Euros a day.

Lesson: we all must carry, but we can choose to only carry what we need. Okay: the thought sounded more profound on the trail, but you can see what I mean. Ha ha!

The land is of rolling hills with fir trees and centuries old chestnut trees. This one must be well over 400 years old: 

Here are a few pics during my walk down. It was dark and cloudy, so they aren’t as wonderful to view as they were in person. 


 I did meet a few gentile bovines who were happy to pose for me – 

a mama and her baby- 

 and the 2nd cutest dog in the world (Dudley, my Boston, being the cutest) 


 Gratuitous Dudley photo (how I miss him).

I walked alone for the most part, passing a few people, but wandering through the country singing as I walked through dense forest, on hard packed dirt paths (nice on the feet).  


Finally- the Samos monastery dating back to the 6th century and Gregorian chants at the vesper service tonight. 


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