The valley

Have you ever had a moment where you knew that everything was a gift from God?

that’s how I feel today. I’ve been moving through the Camino in a river of people. It’s almost like traveling on the freeway through the United States. You push push push to make your next stop. Or a river with a strong current. When you have a set time to do the Camino, the time factor is always a concern.

But today my walk is shorter. I’ve come to realize that today is a gift from God wrapped up beautiful for me to walk in joy and peace.

  Well, that was until I reached my destination and the Albergue I sent my pack to was CLOSED! Where is my pack?! I walked to several albergues until I found an English speaking host, who called Jacobtran, and found out which Albergue it was delivered to.

When I went to retrieve it (and there it was…5 feet from the door), the cleaner tried to communicate that I could not go in (5 feet) until 2:00 when they opened. It was 10:30 am and I could walk with it now. I took off my socks and shoes and went 5. Feet. In. To pick up my pack. 

She was mad, oh…I was mad! I walked away from her saying loudly “karma baby, if you come to the U.S. watch out!!”   I walked about 50 steps after this grand exit speech and realized I had left my poles beside the doorway of the Albergue.  I’m surprised she didn’t throw them at me. I would have. 

Oh my. Just when you think you’re a good saint! Ha ha!

I couldn’t take proper pictures because the valley was so deep, it was actually dark. A nice way to walk. A river flowed along the entire way today and it was so beautiful. There were herds of goats, which I always find amusing to watch, with bells on their necks, and a a sheep dog laying amidst them (would that be a goat dog?).

My photos are not loading up, the wifi here is very low and slow, but then—it IS siesta, so……

Tomorrow is the last climb and it is as high as the Pyrenees, so it will be grueling. I don’t know if the internet works on top of the mountains, so it might be a day of silence.  Love to all!

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