Forget Italy

It’s what you want to hear in the morning while walking through vineyards: a man singing in Spanish at the top of his lungs while working in his field.

Forget Italy: I want to live here. 


  I walked for the most part through vineyards with the mountains surrounding them. It was so beautiful that I knew I couldn’t attempt to capture it. It was very cool, no breeze, and a cloudless sky: perfect trekking weather. 

I did find a house that my husband could get and work on for me. A real handi-man’s dream: 

  actually, it could be the set for “Man of La Mancha.”


 I was intrigued for the breakfast to “get my strength back.”


 What?! Only 220 km? No problemo.

And here are two gnomes I’d love to have—- 



 My 2nd Camino family. From Belgium. Good people. They will be walking faster than I will, so I had to say goodbye.  


 This is for Dana and Ted: roses planted in vineyards: brilliant! 


 I love poppies, and this one growing on a stone wall really blessed me— 

 and finally, in Villafranca, I have a room in an old monastery with a deep tub. It wasn’t cleaned well, but I did what any Greeley girl would do: bought cleaner and a sponge and scrubbed it twice. Yes, it’s true. 

 View from my room  

 –and my very clean tub.  


Tomorrow 20 km toward O’Cebteiro! My last mountain before the final stretch! Buen Camino!!!!! 

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