How about a “lighter” report? Okay! I had a great rest last night. We had a communal meal: it was lentil soup. I was like, “yeah, what else!” But that was it. It was good and I was grateful. After the typical pilgrim breakfast (here’s your toast and coffee, now leave!), I descended down a shale path through absolutely beautiful vistas: 


I came upon a little village 1/2 way down and saw the cutest home entry way 


I found my favorite picture of the Vigin Mary— 

I like it because she looks mad. If you messed with my beautiful son when he was young, this is EXACTLY how I would look. My son will agree.

Oh the flowers of May!   


 These were so fragrant! And still, I went down…down…down– 

 when suddenly: a village appeared!  Molinaseca. I had the most beautiful croissant there. 

 it was a charming town with a medieval bridge must be crossed and flowering balconies studied. 



 My front pouch is stuffed under my fleece, I’ve actually lost weight. Lol 

 in a shop window, I saw a sling shot with a Camino design. Is it used to hit pilgrims? Hope not. 

 Finally, arriving at my destination, I visited the castle gate. It is siesta, so no entry. 😦 maybe tonight if other pilgrims want to walk a little. 

 so instead, I decided to see how Spain does a bacon hamburger— 

 not bad! Tomorrow I cross the valley and go to Villafranca. 

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