Tomorrow,  I will arrive at Cruz de Ferro, the cross where pilgrims lay down  a rock or something that symbolizes laying your burden at the cross. I have a piece of sea glass from Hydaburg, Alaska, where I felt the closing of the door to my teaching career. 

I have been thinking and praying all day about my encounter with Cruz de Ferro, I have had some direction come to me, but that remains between myself and God (sorry guys).

Today was interesting. Yesterday I bought food to eat for breakfast and lunch (because I don’t have enough to carry). I meditated on Psalm 23, in particular the phrase “The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.”  I contemplated how this doesn’t mean I’ll have anything I want, but I won’t be lacking in my needs. He will provide.

Yesterday, tired of walking in my skort all the time, I looked at a pair of shorts with zippers and pockets, wouldn’t it be nice to have a good pair of shorts? Sigh. I didn’t need to spend $50 Euros on shorts. Keep this in mind.

Also, I was nervous about setting off in the darkness at 6:00 am from Astorga. There was a woman pilgrim who was reported missing last month. She was last seen in Astorga. As I stood outside two older Spanish gentlemen were starting out. I followed behind them, keeping them in sight. Finally, tired of me trailing them like a lost puppy, they waved me on. I typed into my Spanish translator app “I am afraid to walk alone in the dark!” They read this and gestered for me to join them: my body guards. At daylight, I bid them “Adios! gracias!”  At the first cafe. 

I walked in to that cafe and recognized the owner from one of my favorite Camino independent films “Wayfaring.”  (Download from Amazon).  It was Pilar. I walked in and she warmly greeted me. I said, “Pilar! I found you!”  She rushed around the bar and hugged and kissed me. I ordered coffee and when I left, she loaded me up with food. I had food already, but: okay! 


Pilar’ blessing:  

 A few random photos 


Cowboy bar/cafe 

 lovely front porch with pilgrim theme. 

And if you ever wonder, “which way?!”

The arrows will appear.


Spring grain  almost ready to harvest.

  Secret to healthy feet-if you see a stone bench, use it to cool down the feet (open boots to breathe). 

crosses on a fence 

 bag line up at Albergue.  The British run Albergue serves tea in the garden.  


Oh yes: this Albergue has a “free items left by other pilgrims” box.  I rummaged through there and found the very shorts that I didn’t buy yesterday. Score! God provides.

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